Public Safety

Feeling safe and being safe, is something that every resident of the 12th ward deserves.

I will make Public Safety a priority for ALL of the residents of the 12th Ward. I will work to ensure that we have an environment that is a place that we are all comfortable living and playing in. I will work with the residents, neighborhood associations, and businesses in the ward to understand the ideas for how to ensure the safety of those who live, work, and visit our ward.



We need to make sure our roads, alleys, sidewalks, etc. are safe and well maintained.

I will work to ensure that we get our fair share of resources to maintain a high-quality standard for our ward. I will work with the City of Rockford various public works departments on your behalf. I know the challenges of maintaining our older infrastructure; which is the foundation of the charm of our neighborhoods.


Communication, Inclusion, and Respect

I believe that we are stronger as a ward when we come together and communicate.

I will work to connect with all of the residents of the 12th Ward. We have a wonderful tapestry of neighborhoods and residents in our ward. The more we get to know each other and communicate, the stronger our Ward will become. I plan to approach all residents with an intentional effort of inclusion, dignity, and respect. I will represent all of the people of the Ward and will make every effort to be accessible and engaged in your neighborhood.