“Bobby Walsh’s professional experience will be an asset to the City Council. It is evident that he is passionate about the 12th Ward, its residents, businesses, and the City of Rockford. Bobby has the energy, drive, and skill set to be an effective member of our City Council.”
— Kevin Frost. Alderman 4th Ward

“I’m supporting Bobby Walsh. I believe he will continue to provide the service and communication offered by our friend the late Ald. John Beck. He cares deeply about safety and quality of life.”

— Frank Beach, Alderman 10th Ward

“As the Rockford economy begins to recover from the impacts of the pandemic Bobby Walsh has the expertise and experience to help lead the effort to help stabilize neighborhoods and bring opportunity to the 12th Ward.

As a small business owner, Bobby cares about and understands what is needed to support our local job providers and workers. As a graduate of the Rockford Citizens Police Academy, Bobby Walsh is committed to understanding concerns from residents and from law enforcement as our community responds to the issues of today’s public safety environment.

We believe his strong work ethic, commitment to economic development, and being responsive to all of the 12th Ward citizens will make Bobby Walsh an important and effective voice on the Rockford City Council.”

Rockford Regional Good Government PAC

“Bobby Walsh will be an effective and impactful servant leader of the 12th Ward. His compassion for residents, employers, and visitors that come to Rockford makes him the clear choice for the next Alderman of the 12th Ward. He has my full support and endorsement.”


— Joe Sosnowski, State Representative

“Bobby Walsh is a strong advocate for public safety. He knows that the primary function of government on all levels is to provide citizens with an environment that is safe from crime. We need more people like Bobby Walsh who are willing to stand up for law enforcement.”


— Gary Caruana, Winnebago County Sheriff

“Bobby Walsh will take the action necessary to ensure that the 12th Ward is always positioned for success. Bobby’s focus, communication, and attention to detail will be invaluable assets when it comes to solving issues that arise in the ward. He will be an unwavering advocate for each resident and will ensure that those in the city are effectively represented. He has my full support and endorsement.”


Jennifer “Ginger” Hanley, Alderman 12th Ward

“Bobby’s business experience will be a great asset as an Alderman”


— Justin Fern

“I have known Bobby Walsh for many years as a friend and community member. He is passionate about public service and cares deeply about his neighborhood and our 12th Ward community. Bobby is self motivated, detail-orientated, and an effective communicator. He has my full support.” 


— J. Hanley, Winnebago County State’s Attorney

“Bobby Walsh is an excellent communicator, problem solver and listener and has the ability to effectively lead and manage the 12th Ward. He has my full support and endorsement.”


— Chad Tuneberg, Alderman 3rd Ward

“Bobby Walsh worked with us at our real estate company for years. He represented us well as he marketed and showed our downtown properties. Internally at our company his participation in some of the planning and prioritizing of work was equally helpful. He is both a thinker and a doer. Voters in the 12th Ward can have confidence that his advocacy for our ward will be visible, well developed and grounded in resident input.”


— Peter Provenzano, CEO, SupplyCore

“It is an honor for my wife Lynn and I to endorse Bobby Walsh for the 12th Ward Alderman. Bobby moved across the street from us a few years ago and we have enjoyed a great relationship while getting to know Bobby, his wife Jayne and their two boys. Bobby is an active member in our neighborhood and community with his involvement in so many activities that make Edgewater and the 12th Ward such a special place to live. It is terrific that he has shown a real interest in getting even more involved by choosing to run for 12th Ward Alderman. Lynn and I give him 100% of our support and endorsement.”


— Mike Coyle, Director, Coyle Kiley Insurance


List of Names

  • Patrick Okeefe
  • Ronald Raegan
  • M.A. Lindblade
  • Tony Foti
  • Vicki Foti
  • R.M. Coyle
  • C. Lynn Coyle
  • Winnebago County State’s Attorney J. Hanley
  • Jayne Hanley Walsh
  • Rhonda Hanley
  • Joe Hanley
  • Alderman Ginger Hanley
  • Bobby Walsh 3rd
  • Hanley Walsh
  • JJ Hanley
  • Murphy Hanley
  • Debbie Orput
  • Jeff Orput
  • Bryan Davis
  • Cele Mercer
  • Roger Lundstrom
  • Nancy Lundstrom
  • Dr. John Bulger
  • Julie Bulger
  • Matt Schwabero
  • Robin Roegner
  • Brina Grigg
  • Ken Settimi
  • Mary Settimi
  • Matthew Marshall
  • Bryan Bennett
  • Maureen Mall
  • Martha Kiley
  • Stephen Kiley
  • Muril Stone
  • Nicholas Oswald
  • Judith Condon
  • Alan Adamany
  • Ryan Hamilton
  • Doug Gilbey
  • Mark Crosby
  • Kristy Crosby
  • Ellen Walsh
  • Bob Walsh
  • Kevin Walsh
  • Kate Walsh
  • Pop O’Neal
  • Baba O’Neal
  • Mulligans of Rockford
  • The Olympic Tavern
  • Judy Cohrs
  • Alderman Chad Tuneberg
  • Mary Davellis
  • Lloyd & Renee Fulcer
  • Ironworkers Local 498
  • John & Julie Bulger
  • IBEW Local 364

  • Chris Manuel
  • Timothy Iverson
  • Austen Bailey
  • E. Rios
  • K. Kennedy
  • John Faber
  • Gail Faber
  • Alice Moczynski
  • Hal Wirtjes
  • Jean Reese
  • Ed Creagen
  • Chip Williams
  • Sally Williams
  • John Wuich
  • Garrett Mayes
  • John Larsen
  • Marisol Benitez
  • Karl Ortscheid
  • Cynthia Black
  • Joan Cox
  • Laurence Cox
  • Katryn Cook
  • Alan Lindgren
  • Joanne McIntyre
  • Daniel Davis
  • Alexio Montiel
  • Edgar Altamirano
  • Maria Altamirano
  • Helen Burns
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Lee Williams
  • Greg Georgis
  • Marifran Georgis
  • Lesly Couper
  • Mark Couper
  • Jon Werner
  • Jenn Werner
  • Caleb Pike
  • Cassie Pike
  • Darlene Hanna
  • Peter Ehrenstrom
  • Bud Wilson
  • Raymond Choinard
  • Sally Maloney
  • Ryhs Brooks
  • Mandy Brooks
  • Marc Ryan
  • Dave Collard Jr.
  • Michelle Benfer
  • Tom Rotello
  • Jesse Dabson
  • Roger Lundstrom
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 219
  • Mike Bartel
  • Bill & Jane Hanley
  • Nancy & Dave Holloway
  • Dave Richter
  • Pam & Larry Hall


  • Chris Alesandrini
  • Greg Barker
  • Lorrie Arnold
  • Charles Johnson
  • Rose Johnson
  • Kimberly Mullis
  • John Guevara
  • Astute Web Group
  • Eli Nicolosi
  • Vickey Alexander
  • Stevan Showers
  • Peggy Showers
  • Sarah Schaefer
  • Jeff Lowary
  • Stacie Walton
  • Jeff Cook
  • Peter Provenzano
  • Heather Provenzano
  • Erin Beto
  • Doug Beto
  • Jim Bennett
  • Claire Hagney
  • Katie Maringer
  • Sayward Bennett
  • John Reese
  • Wendy york
  • Kent Kohlbacher
  • Sang Capone
  • Andy Capone
  • Molly Murray
  • Chris Welsh
  • Kathy Tulley
  • Mike Tulley
  • Anna Owens
  • John Owens
  • Jeff DiBenedetto
  • Kim DiBenedetto
  • Denise Phillips
  • David Deutsch
  • Paul Arena
  • Rockford Apartment Association
  • James Richter
  • Leslie Richter
  • Skye Biddle
  • Katie Biddle
  • Dennis McCormick
  • SupplyCore
  • Skip Trotter
  • Michael Hanley
  • Mike Hakanson
  • Minuteman Press
  • Rockford Area Realtors Association
  • Al Murphy
  • Christy Moore
  • Rockford Realtor PAC
  • Sally Maloney
  • Liz Biddle
  • Justin & Sherry King
  • Craig & Pam Gleichman